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Are you ready to blast away the BS, throw out the rule book, roll up your sleeves and get stuck into smashing the status quo?

Have you realised it’s time to play a different game in order to future-proof your business and survive your success?

Are you ready to commit and driven to succeed?

Are you prepared to do what it takes to be more, do more and have more?

Packages & Programs


Step Up! From Surviving to Thriving

Take your business to the next level. Regain control with confidence and double your revenue within six months.

The Complete Brand Experience

Brand Experience for Competitive Advantage: A 360 degree approach to designing the optimal brand experience.

Strategic Talent Acquisition

Tackle The Talent Challenge: Acquisition. Retention. Succession.


Manage Brand & Reputational Risk

Women Who Roar

Mentoring Program for Professional Women

Street Smart

Street Smart: How leaders can be resilient and go from surviving to thriving in times of change.

The black and white of resilient leadership – in print.

Release date: 2018


Most popular talks:

Street Smart - From Surviving to Thriving:

How to build resilience in times of change and uncertainty

Attracting and Retaining Rockstars:

How to tackle the talent challenge

Competing With The Big Guns:

What small business can learn to compete with the big corporations

Thriving In A Guys Game:

For women trying to cut-it in male-dominated industries

To achieve game-changing results, you need to take radical action.