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I help driven leaders scale and grow; future-proof themselves and their business and survive their success.

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About Sharon

Consultant.  Advisor.  Coach.  Game-Changer.
Business Management, Marketing and Growth Specialist.

I go ‘all in’ for those who are ready to blast away the BS, throw out the rule book, roll up their sleeves and get stuck into smashing the status quo in pursuit of tangible and sustainable growth.  For those who understand it’s time to play a different game in order to thrive – not just survive.

I help leaders gain clarity and focus, adapt to change and overcome critical growth challenges to fuel their business, create a strategic bottom line and re-invent for the next level of success as they scale and grow.

I help them navigate this complex, rapidly evolving world to future-proof themselves and their business, smash the status quo and re-invent to get ahead of the game.

Why Work With Me?

Over 25 Years’ Experience

and I’m still learning, changing and adapting. I’m not a guru, I’m a regular person, who happens to have taken the knowledge I have and the opportunities I’ve been given to help leaders gain clarity and deliver successful strategies. I’ve helped driven leaders achieve some wildly significant results by working with them to devise a robust strategy, chart a crystal clear course of action and maintain a cross-hair focus on execution.

Authentic, Pragmatic & Down-To-Earth

Working with me, you’ll quickly discover that what you see is what you get. I will always roll up my sleeves, ‘keep it real’, make the complex simple, and focus on tangible outcomes over insubstantial fluff. I have a no BS approach and a low tolerance for excuses. I don’t cut corners and I won’t promise you overnight success – but together we will change the game and get results.

Credentials Beyond the Boardroom

I have a couple of really expensive pieces of paper (a double Masters, including an MBA), which come in handy from time to time!  More importantly, I’ve learnt what it takes to survive and thrive – not just in business, but in life.  A lifetime of applying strategy on the run and adapting to change has equipped me with invaluable street smarts, true grit, unbreakable resilience and razor-sharp insights.

Future-Proof Your Business

With a completely tailored and holistic approach that cuts straight to the core, I’ll help you strengthen your business, propel it out of its comfort zone, provoke positive change and navigate unfamiliar waters executing strategic solutions that drive sustainable growth and future-proof your business.

Committed to Your Success

Driven and passionate, I’ll do whatever it takes to get you from where you are right now to where you actually want to be. But I don’t work with everyone. To ensure the best outcomes, I’ll only work with leaders who are absolutely committed, ready to play a bigger game, and equally prepared to
go all in.

Self-Confessed Coffee Addict

As addicted to coffee as I am to denim, you’ll often find me in jeans and a t-shirt, indulging in a coffee at my local cafe. I like to think of it as my counter-balance. When I’m not driving results, I’m a laidback lover of the simple things…four-legged friends, the beach and quality downtime to relax, reflect and revitalise.

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